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A Sativa dominant hybrid and offspring of GSC - this hybrid strain produces flavors and aromas that remind users of oranges, tropical and citrus flavors backed by the Cookies namesake. Effects have been reported to produce energetic, uplifting and happy experiences that align with traditional Sativa like effects and the Delta-10 will boost the uplifting effects!


This Diamonds and Sauce is a 50/50 combination of Delta-10 THC Diamonds and Delta-10 THC Sauce.


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Tropicana Cookies D10 THC & CBN Diamonds and Sauce

$45.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price

Diamonds & Sauce Sale

  • **Online ordering is restricted only to our Virginia Customers at this time**  If you are not ordering from a Virginia store location, please refer to and select a WI, PA, or NC location

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