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OG KUSH: Indica     9 – 13% THC     13% CBD


OG Kush is an Indica Hybrid strain.  First created by cross breeding Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush; it was initially cultivated in Florida in the early 90’s.  It has a deep lemon-pine aroma and taste. OG Kush provides a long lasting, happy euphoric head high along with mental relaxation and stress relief.  Many users find this as perfect choice for the back half of the day to help take the weight of the day off their shoulders.  Perfect for anyone looking to combat stress, anxiety, migraines, or PTSD.  1-Gram preroll.


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OG Kush D8 Preroll

  • **Online ordering is restricted only to our Virginia Customers at this time**  If you are not ordering from a Virginia store location, please refer to and select a WI, PA, or NC location

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