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Our Apothecary Gummies are made in-house to ensure quality and consistency.  Gummies can have a long-lasting effect because they take longer to digest in your body.  This makes our gummies a great choice for anybody looking for long term relief from different ailments.


Apothecary Gummies come in 100mg (10mg/Gummy), 200mg (20mg/Gummy), 500mg (50mg/Gummy), and 1000mg (100mg/Gummy) packages.  There are 10 gummies in each package.


**Please be advised that our edibles may have come in contact or contain peanuts.** 

Cotton Candy D10 Gummies

  • **Online ordering is restricted only to our Virginia Customers at this time**  If you are not ordering from a Virginia store location, please refer to and select a WI, PA, or NC location

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