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What is THCP?

Cannabis science has pushed forward even further. You may have caught wind of the hottest “new” Cannabinoid being sold at a “Dispensary” that recently opened in a city near you before you anticipated. With the regulation-gloves off - new Dispensaries and Cannabinoids are seemingly popping up daily.

At THE Dispensary, we only want to carry Cannabis products that we think are safe for our customers; regardless of their popularity.

THCP Explained

THCP (Tetrahyrdrocannabiphorol) is another naturally occurring cannabinoid molecule found in the plant, and is said to have a 30 percent higher bond to your Cannabinoid receptors because of its elongated alkyl side chain (a string of carbon atoms).

The Alkyl side chain found in the structural make-up of cannabinoids is the main factor that determines how cannabinoids react with your endocannabinoid system - there needs to be at least 3 carbon atoms present in this chain to effect the CB1 receptor.

Traditional Delta-9 THC has five (5) carbon atoms in it’s alkyl side chain.

THCP has seven (7) carbon atoms in it's alkyl side chain!

When performing in vitro and in vivo studies with THCP; immobility, analgesia (numbness), increased body temperature, and decreased locomotor activity were assessed in the subjects who were administered intraperitoneally. Further, the subjects were more heavily affected by THCP over traditional THC.

**Click here for the full observation - sorry for all the “Sciency” words.

THCP Benefits

Consider THCP to be almost identical to traditional Delta-9 THC, but with an added kick because of the elongated alkyl side chain. From the study conducted above, preliminary studies showed THCP to produce sedating and analgesic effects.. THCP paired with other cannabinoids and terpenes can help steer the effects produced to create small unique differences - this is known as THE ENTOURAGE EFFECT. (Scholarly Article)

Side Note: Along with the discovery of THCP, CBDP (Cannabidiphorol) was also discovered. So you will most likely hear more about that - along with the other 150+ cannabinoids that will continue to be studied through Cannabis Science that is sweeping the nation -


Soooo…should I use THCP?

Our Motto is “Start Low, Go Slow”, and we will continue to stand behind that motto for our customer’s safety. We want everyone to have the best experience possible. Because of THCP’s potency we would not recommend it to inexperienced users; as some of our customers have greened out and did not enjoy their experience with Cannabis (What to do if you Green Out here).

Conversely, experienced users may find added enjoyment from THCP’s boosted effects because their personal tolerance has reached astronomical heights - Good for you!

THCP is naturally occurring in Cannabis and there are no synthetic additives in it’s production (Unlike THCO - read more here); therefore we consider this product safe to use and will be carrying this product in-store. Stay Tuned!

Dislaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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