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Exploring the Meaning and Significance of Green Wednesday

You may have heard of this “Green Wednesday” holiday coming soon; in fact it is tomorrow (11/22/23), and wondered what it is all about. It is actually the 2nd biggest celebrated day only behind 4/20, and for cannabis users, it is the best day for sweet, sweet deals at your nearest dispensary. In 2022, the industry saw cannabis sales jump 15% on Green Wednesday; as the holiday continues to rise in popularity. Green Wednesday - The perfect storm…

Pumpkin Pot Pie on Green Wednesday
Pumpkin Pot Pie

Of course this would be an extremely popular day to purchase cannabis products - the stress of the holidays built up, large quantities of food at your fingertips (and some of the best food at that), and stores will be closed on Thanksgiving day, the stress of travel, long lines of shopping following Thanksgiving - “I better stock up”.

Many users of cannabis find relief from all of those things; therefore, the perfect storm. Not to mention your out of town relatives that will be asking “you got any?” at Thanksgiving

dinner - “I better stock up for 2.”

Happy Danksgiving

After you get to stock up on all your best goods from your favorite dispensary; you now have options. Danksgiving has also increased in popularity over the years as cannabis continues to become legal in more states and accepted nationwide, and actually has started to have a little more structure to it as “Drinksgiving” and “Blackout Wednesday” (drinking holidays) become less popular.

Danksgiving is a time to grab your cannabis-friendly family and friends and indulge in a Thanksgiving meal infused with your favorite cannabinoids - it does not always have to be THC. Here are some holiday edible ideas:

  • Cannabutter put on anything that needs or uses butter - See “Baked w/ Nikki episode”

    • Infused Pumpkin Pie

    • Butter on Mashed Potatoes

    • Infused cookies and deserts

  • Water Soluble products in liquids - Water soluble products typically come in a powder form that can be put into any beverage.

A short, but effective list…

How to celebrate Green Wednesday?

Joints for Danksgiving
Joints for Danksgiving

Most simply put - check out a dispensary near you for their deals and snag what you can! This is the day to do so…

Use it as a time to advocate for cannabis with your family and friends. Share the education and knowledge that you have with those who may be stuck in a negative stigma, or share some cannabis science with your loved ones…maybe you can even get your great aunt to try one of those edibles she is curious about! All said and done - it is a great time to stock up on your favorite goodies; after all, it is the holidays. Treat yo-self.

Cannabis and Thanksgiving ...The perfect storm.

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